Diegetic: curtains being pulled Talking Knock on door gun shot opera singing Fighting sounds Growling Applause   non diegetic: Opera singing background music Knock Up beat music fighting   Camera angles, shots, and movements: zoom close up over shoulder slow zoom mid shot long shot Over shoulder mid shot mid shot level angle close up […]


Over the shoulder – angle

Birds eye view – angle

High angle

Level angle

Low angle

Worms eye view


Establishing shot

Long shot-wide shot


Close up

Extreme close up

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Out of breath, With a thought that makes me double over and fall to my knees, the sharp edges of loose gravel digging into them, drawing blood. Finally it is all so clear! It all makes perfect sense! How I got into this mess and how I was so badly deceived. Where am I? I […]

The street that was strewn with litter was totally deserted. The man who walked down the middle of the road was humming to himself. The man who was humming to himself, walked down the middle of the road.

I’ve spent the last nine years working hard towards this moment and have had an almost sleepless month preparing for this race, the first race in history where a robot has competed at the olympics. My robot. I remember back three years, the memory still vividly planted in the back of my mind It was […]

Beneath the blanket of soft, grey, foggy miserable sky, you stand. On the bridge, guard dog at your feet, surrounded with other soldiers, nervous and watching. [Inside your head was a thought about how you were hoping there would be no flying pigs which is a common thing, sent from Isis today]. Below you lies an almost […]