describing a memory

You walk through the tall and intimidating gates of the deserted looking school. You see the so familiar classrooms, empty, thinking back to the times when they were full and bustling with the going ons of the everyday school life, remember it’s a Saturday, of course it’s looking deserted. You walk up to the back wall of the PE shed where you and your friends all carved your names into the slightly rotting soft board of wood. You can see scraping marks showing the efforts one of the staff must have made trying to get rid of them. They didn’t have enough time to give you and your friends a detention as it was on your last day there.


You feel the blast of freezing wind almost knock you off your feet and you crouch to wait for the helicopter to leave to go pick up another load of excited tourists thrilled with the idea of standing on a sea of frozen sheets of ice wedged together between the sides of a valley. Even though you have done this many times before, it still makes you stop and take in how big and beautiful it is. You make it to the designated waiting area without slipping and sliding too much on the chipped ice and wait for further instructions.

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