Romeo and Juliet

Scene summary

Act 3, scene 5

CHARACTERS: Juliet, Capulet, Romeo, Lady Capulet, Nurse

SETTING: Juliets room

romeo leaves Juliets room and her mum comes in and tells her that she is to marry Paris that Thursday. Juliet tells her that she won’t so Lady Capulet gets Capulet who threatens her that if she doesn’t marry Paris then she wouldn’t be allowed in their house ever again. She asks her mum to change his mind or postpone the wedding but she will not talk to her. Then she turns to her nurse who agrees that Paris is a good man and Romeo is gone. Juliet decides that she will go to Friar Lawrence and if he has no good ideas on what to do then she will turn to the only option she has left. To take her own life because life without Romeo is not worth living.


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